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Our Clients

We work with so many incredible businesses and organisations in Victoria including:

• Small businesses

• Corporates

• Schools

• Studios & gyms 

• Organisations

• Communities

• Private groups

• New parent groups

We've worked with...

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I highly recommend Rhythm First Aid. The girls have a wealth of knowledge and present it in such a great way. By far the best first aid I have ever done. I wish i had done it sooner. Well done girls on creating such a great course. Thank you.

Having a premature baby left us a little anxious at home not having the support of the hospital staff we had grown accustomed to having around. Nicole and Alex answered all of our questions, and taught us all things we didn't know we needed to know.

This morning my daughter choked. Her airway was completely blocked. Thanks to you both I was able to stay as calm as i could and follow the steps you taught during your course. She is totally fine and I'm so grateful that I was educated in infant first aid.




We attended an Infant first aid course as a family as we are expecting our first grandchild in December.  The course was really well run and the information was delivered professionally and was easy to follow. We all learnt loads of new medical information and enjoyed the chance to practice CPR on the dummy models provided. We would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn new infant medical and lifesaving skills.

The course was by far the best first aid course we have ever completed. Nicole was so thorough with each area of the first aid course and her experience and qualifications meant she was able to share great anecdotes and examples with us throughout in such an engaging and informative way. We completed the course with friends, siblings and grandparents in preparation for our new baby and we could not feel better prepared thanks to Nicole.

Yippee - no more boring first aid courses! We absolutely loved our infant and child first aid course presented by Nicole. As a group of first time parents we were a little apprehensive about the fragility of our new babies and them growing up. However, Nic empowered us with practical information to stay calm and know what to do in an a huge range of first aid scenarios using her extensive experience and an interactive, engaging presentation.




The training day carried out by the Rhythm First Aid team at our organisation was engaging, efficient and full of fantastic and important information applicable to our field of work. Absolutely recommend the team at Rhythm First Aid.

The presenters were excellent, they were engaging and authoritative. We felt confidence in them and they were attentive to answering questions and ensuring we had a good understanding of the material covered.

Nicole has done an absolutely amazing job putting together this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone. My partner and I are expecting our first child shortly and now we have the confidence that if we face any serious situations we will know exactly what to do.

Nicole has a very welcoming, warm and friendly nature.