Educating and empowering our youth.


We develop and deliver age appropriate first aid education to children and adolescents of all for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We facilitate onsite school incursions for students from Prep through to year 12. 

Our programs are customised to the learning needs of the students to ensure the content is relevant to the curriculum and meets the desired learning outcomes. Students will learn the importance, principals of first aid and what to do an in emergency.

These sessions are designed to equip students with vital information and life skills whilst promoting safe behaviours and decision making. 

The school programs are facilitated by one of our experienced health educators.

Contact us today to learn more about a tailored program for your school. We understand that each school is different. 

Our primary school incursions are practical, fun hands-on learning experiences for children. 

Teachers can choose from a large range of topics such as;


  • Safety around the home

  • Spotting dangers

  • Sending for help (000)

  • Burns

  • Bleeding

  • Snake bites 

  • Poisons

  • Recovery position

  • CPR (Grade 5/6)

  • and many more. 

Provide onsite incursions to schools in Victoria.

We also provide informative activity worksheets and resources for students and maximise hands-on activity and real life examples to keep students engaged and excited.


Primary School Programs


Secondary School Programs

School groups can receive nationally recognised training certificate such as Provide CPR (HLTID009) or Provide First Aid (HLTAID0011).

This can be stand alone training; customised to the youths or it can be incorporate with any of our additional topics. 

These programs can be tailored to your school groups needs. You can choose a number of topics such as;

  • Party safe behaviours 

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Decision making 

  • Options when calling for help

and many more. 




The training day carried out by the Rhythm First Aid team at our organisation was engaging, efficient and full of fantastic and important information applicable to our field of work. Absolutely recommend the team at Rhythm First Aid.

Nicole and her team from Rhythm first aid ran a professional and engaging program for our students that was tailored to suit our needs. They were great working with secondary school students and I would highly recommend her services!

Nicole has done an absolutely amazing job putting together this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone. My partner and I are expecting our first child shortly and now we have the confidence that if we face any serious situations we will know exactly what to do.

Nicole has a very welcoming, warm and friendly nature.





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