What is a Normal Temperature For a Baby?

A normal body temperature for a baby is around 37 degrees.

If they have a body temperature over 38* Celsius this is considered a fever.

Taking your child’s temperature 🌡

There are a number of ways you can take a child’s temperature. Each method measures your child’s temperature in a different way, and the results can vary depending on the type of thermometer you use.

The best way to check your child’s temperature is with a digital thermometer.

Taking your child’s temperature under the armpit (axilary) is recommended for children < 3 months of age.

  • How to check a child’s temperature under their armpit:

  • Place the thermometer in your child’s armpit.

  • Close your child’s arm over the thermometer, holding their elbow against their body.

  • Wait until the thermometer beeps and then check the digital display for the temperature reading

For children > 3 months, their temperature can be taken with a tympanic (ear) thermometer.

When using a tympanic thermometer ensure that the ear canal is large enough to insert the tympanic probe, if not continue to use your axillary thermometer.