Save the App that Could Save Your Life – Emergency Plus

Download this app before you head away for your next hike, holiday or road trip.

This app is useful in all areas, but particularly important in regional and rural locations where is may be challenging to ascertain an exact address.

The Emergency plus app is a free app developed by Australia’s emergency services.

In an emergency, time and location accuracy are critical. By downloading the ‘Emergency +’ app, you’ll equip yourself with a powerful tool that will help you call Triple Zero (000) quickly, and allow you to accurately communicate your location to emergency call-takers.

The app provides your exact GPS location, with or without phone service. The quicker an accurate location is established; the sooner emergency services can be dispatched and render assistance.

If you don’t have phone service and you need to call 000 you may need to move somewhere with higher elevation to receive phone service to make an emergency call.

The app also contains ‘what3words’, a software enhancement allowing callers to provide their exact location quickly and accurately with just three words describing the address to assist responding emergency services.

what3words has divided the world into 3m squares and given each one a unique three word identifier. Addressing using what3words works offline - ideal when you have no data coverage or are in a remote location.

There are now CPR videos that demonstrate how to perform CPR on an infant, child or adult in the app.

Emergency+ is available for free download via the Apple Application Store and the Google Play Store.​

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