Corporate Sessions


For your team, colleagues, community or clients. 


All first aid courses available, nationally recognised and Infant + Child courses or a blend of both. 

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First Aid Course 

A great way to support parents in the workplace. 


Staff who have completed first aid training at work report an increased sense of value. 


They have an increased first aid knowledge, therefore reducing their stress levels. Increased ability to make decisions at home, managing the accidents and illnesses, and also reduce their sick/personal leave days in the workplace. 

Guest Speaker

Are you looking for an experienced health professional to speak with your team, local community group, or your workplace? 


Nicole has experience educating health professionals at hospitals across Victoria, both via zoom and in person. 

She has educated parents, teachers, corporate organisations and community groups.


Nicole is available to speak in your workplace, to your clients or community. Contact us to find out more. 



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