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Rhythm First Aid was born in 2018, from a community need. We are disrupting the first-aid training scene through giving a youthful, fresh outlook to courses that positively impact families and businesses across Victoria. 

We are on a mission to deliver our premium and punchy first aid training to all folks in near and far, because knowledge is power, and this type of knowledge is not just powerful, but it actually saves lives (literally)! 

Our courses are designed to prepare you, not scare you! We are passionate about delivering training of the highest quality in a captivating and fun environment.


Rhythm travels throughout the state with a special interest in regional and rural Victoria, offering it's Nationally Recognised CPR + First Aid Training for businesses, schools, and corporate clients. 


In addition to Nationally Recognised Training, we also offer  Infant + Child First Aid Courses that are uniquely designed to educate and empower parents, grandparents, and caregivers with crucial skills, such as CPR and choking first aid. 


We offer a large range of first aid and medical supplies, AED's and are incredibly proud to have designed and developed our own bespoke, functional first aid kit, that ensures households are never left short in an emergency again.


Through a strong community-focus, endeavouring to support of other rural and regional small businesses, and making sustainable choices where possible – Rhythm aims to positively impact people through more than education. 


Explore our offerings and become part of the Rhythm First Aid community today!

We are equipping Australian families and businesses for safer futures


Infant and Child First Aid CPR Course

What our students say...

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"The training day carried out by the Rhythm First Aid team at our organisation was engaging, efficient and full of fantastic and important information applicable to our field of work. Absolutely recommend the team at Rhythm First Aid."

— St. Pius x Warrnambool

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What an amazing course. I feel so confident and empowered now as a first time mum.

Thank you Nicole!"

— April, Penshurst